Friday, January 8, 2010

listen to this:

the lonely hearts
tommy and the whale
jeremy larson
u.s. royalty
the reign of kindo
the new hillsong
paper route
port o'brian


your heart. no joke there

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

its my website rough draft idea.

im going to add some flash/motion and make it bubbly and interactive.
problem #1) i dont know flash or motion.
problem #2) what the heck does bubbly mean?

solution #1) learn it.
solution #2) make the options bounce and move around. make it fun.

merry christmas.
hoping you and yours have a great day.
keep it real ya'll. be blessed

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

this guys stuff is freaking insane. his pieces on the walls where he chips it away...dang

and then i played around in photoshop. i always wanted to get a graffiti-esque look. i think it

Monday, September 28, 2009

alternative representations

go here.

this is an interesting story.

it all started on a cool friday morn, when i was laying masking tape on a sidewalk in front of my home. nothing extremely out of the ordinary. but the day was full of surprises.

1. the tape.

originally the intent of the masking tape on the sidewalk was to be a stencil for later images. after looking at the contrast between the tape and sidewalk created an interesting form. the fractured line adds a lot to the image as well, although the line is physically continuous, the edges and curves are not smooth. the unintended became welcomed.

2. water

this was interesting just due to the subject matter. anchors are normally found in water, but in this case the water was in the anchor. this became a little messy, the water ended up running under the tape a little bit. sometimes imperfections add to the piece rather than take away.

3. chalk

sidewalk chalk...nuf said.
i miss the stuff

4. rope, rocks, and two shovels

this revolved around the rope (the backbone) of the anchor. i saw the rope sitting in my garage and got to thinking. the rocks came from my mom's garden (it doesnt look the same now...) and the shovels and the rope are my dad's.

there's probably some deep meaning to that i overlooked.

5. matches

we spent forever trying to get those dang matches to light in somewhat the form of a fire.
didnt work. we had a guy waiting to light it. another with the camera. myself covered in gas. still didnt work. but the matches did. it was fun experimenting with the gasoline.
now our street is stained. gas does a lot of things. and it smells bad.

6. water bottles

another appropriate one. water. anchors.


7. leaves

leaves do not always cooperate. it took a while for me to get the form down. just to even see it, it took a while. so i asked someone to look at it from a new perspective. he figured it out. quick. ugh

8. towels.

i dont know what to say.

9. newspaper headlines!

perused the internet for a long time. it does make anysense. at all. but it may create a small story in your head.

10. the t-shirt

mixed experience. i used istock for the first time! i added the hair on the shirt, and the lack of hair in the form of an anchor.

originally i had it planned to get a picture of some hairy-chested old guy and then take out the anchor.
but thats gross.

i couldnt bring myself to it.